Moncloa lighthouse breath-taking view of Madrid

Madrid skyline, an awesome view

The Moncloa lighthouse offers a breath-taking view of Madrid, the lighthouse is close to the university district, so you cannot miss it. It’s a 110 meters’ aluminium tower with a round base at the top.

It will take you 50 seconds in a glass elevator to reach the top, and when you get there if you have the chance to have a clear day you will be amaze with the view.

At the viewpoint, you will find a map to localize the 50 major buildings around the city (in English) and a little bit of history.

Moncloa have an excellent communication with the rest of the city, so there are several buses that ends in Moncloa transport hub like (44, 46, 82, 83, 132, 133, 160, 162, A, G).

The subway also has 2 lines, the yellow one (L3) and the grey one (L6).

In case you take a tax to go there, the address is Avenida Arco de la Victoria , 2 .

Opening time: The lighthouse is open from Sunday to Tuesday (it is close on Mondays) from 9:30 to 20:00, just be aware that the last entry is at 19:30. The tickets are sold at the base of the lighthouse.

The visit is limit to 30 minutes and hereafter you will find the official website.

The prices are:

  • 3 euros for adults
  • 1,5 euros for children (7 to 14 years old), seniors (over 65 years old) and people with disability.
  • Free for children under 7 years old

One last thing, if the weather conditions are bad the visits to the lighthouse might be cancel, and for security reason only ONE wheelchair is allowed at the same time at the viewpoint.

Do not forget your camera, it will be a pitty not to take a picture!

Feb 21, 2024 - Wed
Madrid, ES
clear sky
45°F clear sky
Wind 1 m/s
Humidity 71%
Pressure 771.07 mmHg
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
wed feb 21
broken clouds
53/55°F 5 m/s, SW 49% 770.32 mmHg
thu feb 22
light rain
55/51°F 10 m/s, WSW 60% 762.07 mmHg
fri feb 23
light rain
47/41°F 9 m/s, W 47% 762.07 mmHg
sat feb 24
light rain
47/43°F 8 m/s, WSW 46% 760.56 mmHg
sun feb 25
light rain
49/50°F 8 m/s, SW 92% 759.81 mmHg

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