DiverXO restaurant 3 stars Michelin in Madrid

DiverXO restaurant 3 stars Michelin
DiverXO restaurant 3 stars Michelin in Madrid dish 3

Dabiz Muñoz restaurant at Madrid

DiverXO is the only 3 stars Michelin restaurant in Madrid. Dabiz Mañoz is an artist with a huge personality and is the kind of person that either you love or you hate. What is clear for me, after going to his restaurant, is that DiverXO is the best restaurant that I had ever been. I had the chance to travel a lot for business and I had been in a lot of countries and majors cities and I never taste something like that.

If you want to make a reservation you have to go to the restaurant site, but I warned you that you better do the reservation at least 6 months ahead your visit. Another possibility is to follow Dabiz Munoz on twitter @Dabizdiverxo, sometimes if you are lucky enough he offers the possibility to book same day reservations because someone call off; in that case I recommend you to act quickly and send him a message.

In DiverXO, everything is different, the ambience, the music, “le maitre”, the dishes, well everything. I would not like to spoil you the experience, but I thing it really worth the visit.

You have two choices for the menu, a large one that I took the first time I went there (for your information I couldn’t finished) and a “small” one with 15 dishes that quite frankly is was more than enough (I took this one last time).

The restaurant is place at Padre Damien street number 23 on the ground floor of NH Eurobuilding hotel. The restaurant is really close to Real Madrid stadium, Santiago Bernabeu.

You can get their by bus (line 150), subway (Cuzco station, line 10) or taxi (just give him the address above).

I let you some pictures from my last visit, I hope that in case you decide to go, you will enjoy as much as I did!! 😉