Get tickets for Atletico de Madrid

Atletico de Madrid Vicente Calderon Stadium Madrid
Atletico de Madrid Vicente Calderon Stadium Madrid

Vicente Calderon is the Atletico de Madrid stadium.

In Madrid we are streamly lucky, we have two major soccer of football teams, the Real Madrid  and the Atletico de Madrid. In the last 5 years, both of them play a major role on the champions leage, Real Madrid won twice the final agains Atletico de Madrid. This year, 2017, both of them are in the semifinal of the Champions leage again!!!. If you want to Get tickets for Atletico de Madrid games and get to the stadium let’s find out.

If you are an Atletico fan you will be able to get t-shirts and souvenirs at the official Atletico online store, but also at the store of Vicente Calderon stadium.

For the futbol games you have the option to buy tickets at the Atletico site , but I would said that is not very user friendly oriented so here you will find another site to get Atletico de Madrid tickets.

If you want to have a beer and eat something before the game you will find around the stadium a lot of bars where Atletico fans will get together before the match and you will enjoy the real ambiance with “los indios” (the Atletico fans). For someone that is not Spanish the bar will be noisy but if you don’t know it yet the Spanish people talk very loud.

How you get there?

By bus: check if any of these buses is near the place where you stay (17, 18, 23, 35, 36, 50, N16, N26)

By subway, you have to stations near the stadium “Pirámides” or “Marqués de Vadillo” both of them in line 5 (the green one).

If you go by taxi the address is P. Virgen del Puerto, nº 67 Madrid.

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Madrid, ES
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