Madrid, What to do, where to go?

    Best things to do in Madrid

    Madrid Metropolis building in Gran via and Alcala
    Madrid Metropolis building in Gran via and Alcala

    Enjoy your stay at Madrid!

    I was born in Madrid and I lived here for over 20 years. I also had the change of travel a lot for business raisons. The purpose of this blog is to help you make the best out of your visit to Madrid and to give you the rights places and the tips that I believe are the best for you. Se lets get into our subjet: Madrid, What to do, where to go?

    If you wonder why I write this blog, I will share with you that I have three passions in life, travel, photography and technology, and to be fare with you the order of preference depends on the day and my mood. In any case this blogs allows me to discover new places, spend time making pictures and playing with my blog to make new stuff, so as the famous commercial will say “WHAT ELSE”.

    As I said the places that I recommended are the ones that I visited and I believe that they are good enough to be recommended.

    I will not go to thought the typical guide stuff as population, size, currency and things like that; I’m sure you already have all that cover.

    All the posts that you will find in are more practical ones, likes what it worth to do in Madrid, the right places to go, how to move in the city, airports, events, etc. Also, how to enjoy Madrid like a “Madrileño” (Madrid’s local people) and not t just all the tourist places that there is no intrest and are expensive.

    I create themes and tags for every post so it will be easier for you to find the right subjects like (soccer, clubbing, family, bars, visits, business, transport, events, shopping, etc.)

    You will enjoy it Madrid and if you have any request that is not cover yet in the blog, just let me know and I will try to help you! 😉

    Enjoy your visit, have fun!!

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    ¡Hola! I'm Jaime, a proud Madrileño with a heart that beats to the rhythm of Madrid's vibrant streets. Born and raised in this enchanting city, I consider myself a dedicated explorer on a mission to share the hidden gems and local treasures that make Madrid truly unforgettable. Having breathed in the rich history, tasted the flavors of authentic tapas, and danced to the soulful tunes of flamenco since childhood, my love for Madrid runs deep. My journey as a travel enthusiast led me to a realization – there's nothing quite like seeing visitors fall in love with my city, just as I have. As the creator of this travel blog, I've made it my mission to be your go-to guide for an authentic Madrid experience. From the iconic Puerta del Sol to the charming narrow streets of La Latina, I'm here to unveil the soul of Madrid for fellow explorers and curious souls alike. One of my greatest joys is discovering and sharing the hidden treasures that define Madrid's essence. From centuries-old tapas bars tucked away in narrow alleys to quaint plazas where locals gather, my goal is to curate an experience that goes beyond the typical tourist trail. Madrid isn't just a destination; it's a living, breathing tapestry of culture, tradition, and warmth. Join me as we wander through the bustling markets, sip on robust Spanish wines, and savor the flavors of authentic paella. Let's explore the city's artistic side in its world-renowned museums and revel in the passion of flamenco performances that echo through the narrow streets of the historic neighborhoods. Madrid is more than a place; it's a feeling, an experience waiting to be embraced. I invite you to come along on this journey with me, as we uncover the soul of Madrid one hidden gem at a time. ¡Bienvenidos a Madrid! (Welcome to Madrid!)